Chrome Dome. Multi-use Skull Caps for Sun Protection

Sun Protective hat for SUPChrome Dome Caps, a UV protective hat designed to maintain an active lifestyle while giving your skin the sun protection it requires. Chrome Dome caps are certified 50+ for both A and B type UV rays protection. Our Skull Caps provide maximum coverage and comfort outdoor and indoor activity enthusiasts such as triathletes, swimmers, runners, kayakers, surfers, stand up paddlers, hikers, and cyclist, just to name a few.

Chrome Dome Caps are also wickable to keep your head cool, hand-sewn in San Diego, and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which is an international, independent testing and certification systems for materials and fabrics.

Multi-Purpose | Multi-Function | Multi-Environment

UV Sun Protection

Regardless of your outdoor or indoor activities, Chrome Dome Caps provides you with UV protection and keeps your head cool through the fabric’s wicking capabilities. It’s easy to wash and dry, and even easier to store. Learn More…

Comfort & Utility

The combination of proven sewing methods with the finest Italian, recycled fabric provides you with a true and comfortable fit, and with our compression method the caps stay in place, no matter why your activity.

Earth Friendly

Our unique uv protective fabric, is made in Italy of 65% recycled products, and is certified, manufactured, and tested within the strict guidelines established by AS/NZS 43399:1996. This certification allows our uv skull cap, or hat, to be rated 50+ for both A and B type UV rays.


  • “I have been using Chrome Dome Caps now for about three months, and any time I am outside I make sure I have mine on. Before Chrome Dome, I had started to notice my hair getting thinner on the top of my head, and any time I went outside my head started to burn. But now I use my Chrome Dome to hang my Christmas lights, walk my dog, or drive in my convertible. I don’t know of any other way to get the kind of SPF coverage I need except for with Chrome Dome Caps. And, since I live in sunny Southern California, I can’t imagine going anywhere without my Chrome Dome”. – Eric R.
  • “I have been wearing my Chrome Dome a lot lately now that the rains have stopped and I am able to get out on more long rides.  The wicking properties are the best of any sweat band/gutter/cap I have used. My key measure of success is that my sunglasses are not covered with sweat and sunscreen smears at the end of my ride. An unexpected added benefit is the fact that I wear my rear-view mirror on the temple of my sunglasses making them front heavy and prone to slide down the bridge of my nose.  Using a traditional strap to hold them in place is inconvenient if I need to remove the sunglasses during a ride for some reason. The Chrome Dome Cap keeps them very snug and in place yet easy to remove if clouds come in, long shaded stretches, etc.  I hope the elastic properties are retained throughout the summer with daily hand rinsing and weekly washing.  If they do, I give your product an A+. Nicely done!”.-Marc Chilcote
  • I wear the Chrome dome every day, in and out of the water to keep my head from burning. I also use it for [Stand Up Paddling] races.“.-Ryan Murphy
  • I am recreational runner and cyclists who is on the roads 5-6 days a week. I have used running caps in the past to protect my head from the UV rays. Unfortunately all the running caps I have bought are smaller in size and have no UV protection. I end up lathering up a load prior to my run/bike. In addition, the caps are short in style…they do not protect my head nor ears. I tried the Chrome Dome and the snug fit protects my entire head and then some (fully covers my ears). I sincerely appreciate the UVA protection of 50…no lathering…I love it. The cap wicks the sweat amazingly well…dries quick and easy to wash. This is the best investment I have made since my new running shoes. Thanks Chrome Dome.“.-Kirt Pfaff

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