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By February 4, 2015Chrome Dome Updates

We had another successful and fulfilling time at this year’s Carlsbad Marathon & Half Marathon Health & Life Expo!

The success was achieved in racers and expo visitors purchasing Chrome Dome Caps and  getting the word out that our caps can benefit the wearer in many ways, most importantly keeping one’s head protected from the harmful and cancer-producing ultraviolet rays of the sun.  Additionally, the ability of our caps to help the wearer to stay warm in cold weather, cool in warm weather and it’s ability to manage the sweat produces by the head indoors or out made the Chrome Dome Cap something to talk about over that weekend!

The fulfillment comes from knowing that something we designed and made locally is being noticed, bought and worn by people in many parts of the world now and is working for users in so many different ways and environments! Many of the racers and spectators that bought Chrome Domes at the Carlsbad race came from every corner of the world, including Japan, France, England, Canada and from all over the USA.  If we can save one person that wears our cap from the ravages of skin cancers, we have done our job, and that is the real reason Chrome Dome Caps came about in the first place.

One more thing…we had a lot of customers ask how to wear the Chrome Dome Cap properly, so they could take advantage of its unique design.  The pic on this blog shows that tutorial in action!  Please check out our new You Tube videos on our website for “How to wear your Chrome Dome Cap” and “How to properly Wash your Chrome Dome Cap”.

Keep on Protecting that Dome!!

How to wear your Chrome Dome

How to wash your Chrome Dome


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