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By February 13, 2015Chrome Dome Updates

So…I am pretty new to social media and the whole concept of “#” (hashtag), but I know it is great way to get the word out on #chromedomecaps as well as #uvprotection, which is the main reason we developed, designed, make and sell Chrome Dome Caps.

We are excited that we have just added UV Forecasting to our website, so the visitors to our site can get quick and accurate hourly forecast for conditions in their area.

Although our brothers and sisters on the east coast may not be thinking about UV protection right now with the copious amounts of snow on the ground and the frigid temperatures, here in the southwest we are experiencing record temperatures and sunny conditions.

Now is the time for all of us to prepare for the sunny days of spring and summer and really consider what we will do to prevent the sun from damaging our skin.

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