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101 Uses of Chrome Dome Caps – Helmet Liners for Cyclists

When people ask us, “What is a Chrome Dome used for?” the answers are endless. The short answer is that Chrome Domes are UV protective hats that can be worn in any type of weather, for ANY purpose. We have heard of people using them for under-water hockey, cycling, skydiving, riding motorcycles, kayaking, stand-up-paddling, in the snow and much more. For this reason, we are beginning our new series “101 Uses of Chrome Dome” that will showcase how people are using our skull caps in many different ways.

Want to share how you use your Chrome Dome? Upload a selfie to social media while wearing your Chrome Dome using the hashtag #HowIChromeDome for your chance to be featured in one of our segments!

A Great Solution for Cyclists

Since we announced this week that we will be sponsors of the Tour of Utah cycling event at the beginning of August, it’s only fitting that we start off this series by showcasing a local cyclist. Mark Chilcote is your typical outdoorsy southern Californian and has been loving using his Chrome Dome as a helmet liner. Hear what he has to say in this video.

Why is Chrome Dome a Perfect Fit as a Helmet Liner?

Chrome Dome has many features that set it apart from other helmet liners on the market. First and foremost, it is one of the only SPF 50 + certified skull caps on the market that is hand sewn in San Diego. Made from 65% recycled material and chemical-free, Chrome Dome caps also have wicking properties that keep sweat and sunscreen from running in your eyes. These wicking properties also keep your head cool in warm temperatures and warm in cool temperatures.  An added bonus for cyclists is that Chrome Dome caps fit over your ears, protecting them from the sun, but also keeping your sunglasses in place rather than sliding down your nose. If you wear earbuds while riding, the caps also helps to keep those firmly in place.

Another cyclist, David W., has this to say:

“I have been wearing my Chrome Dome a lot lately now that the rains have stopped and I am able to get out on more long rides. The wicking properties are the best of any sweat band/gutter/cap I have used. My key measure of success is that my sunglasses are not covered with sweat and sunscreen smears at the end of my ride. An unexpected added benefit is the fact that I wear my rear-view mirror on the temple of my sunglasses making them front heavy and prone to slide down the bridge of my nose. Using a traditional strap to hold them in place is inconvenient if I need to remove the sunglasses during a ride for some reason. The Chrome Dome Cap keeps them very snug and in place yet easy to remove if clouds come in, long shaded stretches, etc. I hope the elastic properties are retained throughout the summer with daily hand rinsing and weekly washing. If they do, I give your product an A+. Nicely done!”

Chrome Dome caps are easy to care for and easy to pack for where ever your adventures may take you. Get your Chrome Dome today in our online store.

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