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101 Uses of Chrome Dome – SUP Hats

By September 20, 2015Chrome Dome In Action

SUP Hats with UV ProtectionSUP or Stand Up Paddling has become a growing sport throughout the world in the last few years. Combining a great workout for your upper body and core with the beautiful setting of whatever body of water is closest to you makes this a fun and inspiring outdoor activity.

Chrome Dome Caps for SUP Sun Protection

As avid stand up paddle boarders ourselves, we know the importance of protecting your skin while you’re out on the water. On long excursions, it isn’t practical to reapply sunscreen every hour to ensure that you’re skin is protected. In addition, when you start sweating, the sunscreen can run into your eyes or make your sunglasses slip down your face and, god forbid, into the water!

Our Chrome Dome Caps are the perfect solution to all of these problems. Each cap is made from certified UPF 50+ fabric that fits snuggly to your head, which also can hold your sunglasses in place. The fabric wicks sweat away from the skin so you don’t need to worry about sweat dripping into your eyes and it keeps your head cool. Chrome Domes are also perfect for swimming when you want to jump in the water for a swim.

Used by Stand Up Paddle Boarding Professionals

We ran into Professional stand up paddle boarder Ryan Murphy in Maui who had this to say about his Chrome Dome Cap: “I wear the Chrome Dome [on the beach] every day and it keeps my head from burning. I also use it when I’m out in the water doing competitions, races, and stand up events. I do different types of races throughout the year like channel crossings from Molokai to Oahu and local events here in Maui. The Chrome Dome feels really great. It’s really light weight, really nice material from Italy, so it keeps my head nice and cool. When I’m training I don’t feel that heat building up like with a beanie or a cap. It protects my dome from the sun and fits great covering my forehead, ears, and back of the neck.”

How do you Chrome Dome?

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