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101 Uses of Chrome Dome – Triathlons

By November 19, 2015Chrome Dome Updates

As any triathlete knows, the proper gear can make or break a race. It is imperative to have the best triathlon gear available to prevent uncomfortable moments. Chrome Dome Caps are the perfect triathlon cap for training and for race day.

Benefits of Chrome Dome for Triathletes

best gear for triathlonsThere are dozens of options out there for triathlon caps, but there is one thing that sets Chrome Dome apart from all the rest: certified UPF 50+ protection that doesn’t fade. Our caps are made with tightly woven fabric that blocks out harmful sun rays rather than depending on chemical treatment like many other brands. In addition, traditional sunscreens require that you reapply every hour – especially when sweating profusely – which can pose it’s own set of issues in the middle of a race. With Chrome Dome, your head, neck, ears, and forehead are all protected for the duration of the race and throughout your training leading up to the race.

UV Protection isn’t the only feature that puts our caps among the best triathlon gear. Chrome Dome Caps have unique features for each leg of the race that make them the ideal tool in your kit.


Our black, orange, and white caps are made with compression fabric that ensures a tight fit to each individual’s head.  They also provide a barrier between your scalp and cold, open-water situations while still providing ultimate sun protection.


During the bike leg of the race, triathletes need  a quality helmet liner that will keep the sweat from their eyes and prevent chaffing on their scalp. Chrome Dome’s tightness makes a perfect and comfortable fit under helmets and even protects the back of your neck as your ride. As an added bonus, they will also keep sunglasses in place and prevent them from sliding down your nose.


Chrome Dome’s wickable fabric channels sweat away from your scalp as you run, keeping you cool or warm depending on the elements.  Its tight fit will also keep your earbuds in place if music keeps you going on this leg of the race.

All in all, Chrome Dome caps are among the best gear for triathlons for many reasons, but perhaps the greatest is that you will have one caps for all three legs. One of our happy customers recently told us, “With Chrome Dome, I can use it as swim cap, helmet liner, and then head gasket on my run. One cap to rule them all.”

What are you waiting for? Get your Chrome Dome today and start training for your next tri!