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Getting Out There

It is that time of year when I have the opportunity to get to and meet my customers…past, present & future purchasers and users of Chrome Dome Caps.

It’s Time to Hit the Road with our UV Protective Hats!

Chrome Dome at Carlsbad Street FaireI started last week when Chrome Dome Caps set up its booth for the Carlsbad Village Fair. It was out 4th time at this event, the largest street fair in America with over 90,000 attendees in one day!

During the Fair, I spoke to hundreds of people, saw a number of individuals that have bought Chrome Domes over the past few years and it is very exciting. To be chatting with someone that wants to buy our uv protective hat about its uses and benefits and then have a “Chrome Domer” come up and say “I bought one last year and I love it!” really makes my day and validates our unique product.

This year we not only had a number of customers that bought a Chrome Dome for under bicycle helmets, for running, swimming, working-out, etc., but a large number of people were buying because they or their loved ones were going through a phase of cancer treatment or recovery. They wanted to purchase a Chrome Dome to help them through that rough patch.  I created Chrome Dome Caps to primarily keep the harmful rays of the sun that may cause skin damage and skin cancer and it is nice to know that it helps in recovery also.

This next week the Amgen Tour of California starts in San Diego and travels the length of California for 7 days with festival being held in each host city. This is the largest and most prestigious race of its type in the US and Chrome Dome Caps will again be joining the tour as a sponsor.  We will be setting up our booth, talking to people about our caps and finding new clients that will enjoy the benefits of our contribution for years.

See you on the road!