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UV Protective Caps for Military Service Members

By November 17, 2016July 10th, 2017Chrome Dome Updates

Marcus with Joe Chrome DomeMilitary service members often find themselves in a wide variety of climates, and Chrome Dome Caps bring comfort and protection to scalp, ears, and the upper neck, regardless of where they roam. Whether it’s to keep their head cool under that helmet, or protect their skin on a sunny afternoon jog; Chrome Dome Caps are a valuable gift for any military service member in your life. Originally designed to protect bald or shaved heads with UPF 50+ certified material, having hair doesn’t stop others from also utilizing this cap’s many benefits. Crafted from wickable fabric straight from Italy, Chrome Dome Caps specialize in keeping heads cool in the heat, and warm in the cold.

Multi-Functional Sun Protection

Cyclists, runners, swimmers and athletes of all kinds have discovered the comfort of using Chrome Dome Caps as a useful liner for their helmets or as a sun protective cap. Members of the military find the same benefits apply. Besides helping people maintain a more agreeable temperature, Chrome Dome Caps also prevent sweat from dripping into eyes. For sports enthusiasts this could be aggravating, but for military members in crucial situations – it could be detrimental.

Military men and women must often get up and go at a moment’s notice. Sometimes there just isn’t time to slather on sun block, making sure head, ears and everything is covered. Yet for someone who ventures into the sun on a regular basis, consistent sun protection is a crucial guard from skin cancer and other UV dangers. The Chrome Dome Cap is light and easy to store in small pockets, making it quick to access for this on-the-go lifestyle.

While many sunscreens include harmful chemicals that can be absorbed into the skin, the Chrome Dome Cap provides sun protection without sacrificing health in other ways. Some companies treat their fabrics with chemicals to provide UV protection, but this treatment can wear out over time, leaving the buyer unknowingly unprotected. Chrome Dome Caps get their defensive ability from the unique, tightly woven fabric that blocks UV rays without any harmful chemicals involved, and without losing effectiveness from frequent use.

Jon TestimonialLieutenant Jon V, a US Trooper says that the Chrome Dome Cap is durable, lightweight and versatile, “Great for cooler temps and great to wear throughout a ten mile run…you can store it in your waist band, or even get it personalized for your team or club…personalized swag for every season’s outdoor adventures!” The color options make it even easier to pick out a look that perfectly suits the military member in your life.

What do you get for a brave military adventurer who doesn’t care for frills or trinkets that slow them down? Something practical, something useful, something crucial- you get them a Chrome Dome Cap.

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