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What You Need to Know About UPF Damage

It’s normal for those who worship (or even just tolerate) the sun to practice skin sense by using sunscreen liberally, but this precaution may not be quite enough. The sun’s radiation is pretty powerful, and has a tendency to skate right on past those thin layers of clothing you’re likely wearing. There’s no need to panic, but there is cause for concern if you want the best in sun protection.

What Is UPF?

UPF stands for Ulraviolet Protection Factor, and the term is used in reference to clothing that offers excellent sun protection. Your whole body can be affected by harmful rays depending on the type of fabric you wear, how heavy the garment is, and how tight the fibers are woven together. When regular clothes get wet or show normal signs of wear and tear, they become even less effective at keeping the sun’s rays off the skin. Investing in UPF clothing is a smarter choice because they’re specifically designed for outdoor use. A UPF rating of of 30 means that only 1/30 of the sun’s rays can filter in through the material. Experts say anywhere between 30 and 50 is good practically eliminating the risk of adverse sun exposure.

what is UPF

Protection in Action

The summer sun calls to people encouraging them to get outside and get active. Summer is the time when everyone enjoys nature’s wide open spaces to cycle, kayak, or swim. Chrome Dome Caps stay on your head no matter what you’re doing, and no matter what you’re wearing. They’re specifically made to fit into a variety of helmets, and to move with you as you do your thing. They offer total head protection, whether you’re in the ocean, pool, or on dry land. These durable caps have a remarkable UPF rating of 50, so 98% of the harmful UV rays are entirely blocked out. Along with excellent sun protection, you’re also getting a way to stay cool and dry. Chrome Dome Caps take care of sweat and excess moisture for a more comfortable experience.

Even on cloudy days, sun can penetrate as high as 80%, which makes UPF clothing a must no matter where you live. Your head absorbs a good deal of those rays, and even those with full heads of hair typically have at least a part exposed. Chrome Dome Caps look great and feel even better. They’re the perfect choice as a preventative measure against powerful UV rays.