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101 Uses of Chrome Dome

UV Protective Caps for Military Service Members

By Chrome Dome Updates
Military service members often find themselves in a wide variety of climates, and Chrome Dome Caps bring comfort and protection to scalp, ears, and the upper neck, regardless of where they roam. Whether it's to keep their head cool under that helmet, or protect their skin on a sunny afternoon jog; Chrome Dome Caps are a valuable gift for any military service member in your life. Originally designed to protect bald or shaved heads with UPF 50+ certified material, having hair doesn’t stop others from…
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New Chrome Dome Cap Released with Reflective Loop

By Chrome Dome Updates, Product Use and Care
We love talking to people on the road and getting feedback about our signature product. By popular request, Chrome Dome Caps has created a new line of white caps with reflective loops.  This new feature is a great addition to our already multi-functional caps, especially as the days get shorter and more of us are losing daylight for our workouts. Worry Free Water Sports Chrome Dome Caps are useful to a multitude of water sports like swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, wake-boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving,…
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Prepping For Your Distance Run – Sun Protection and More

By Product Use and Care, Protecting Your Skin
Preparing for a distance run like a marathon means that you'll need to take some specific actions in several different areas of your life like diet, training, and using proper sun protection. You might want to run a marathon to test your personal limits, or to prove you can do it. Maybe you just want to celebrate your recent weight loss with a marathon. No matter what the reason, a marathon is an excellent way to continue on a quest for weight loss, better health,…
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