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101 Uses of Chrome Dome

101 Uses of Chrome Dome – SUP Hats

By Chrome Dome In Action

SUP or Stand Up Paddling has become a growing sport throughout the world in the last few years. Combining a great workout for your upper body and core with the beautiful setting of whatever body of water is closest to you makes this a fun and inspiring outdoor activity. Chrome Dome Caps for SUP Sun Protection As avid stand up paddle boarders ourselves, we know the importance of protecting your skin while you’re out on the water. On long excursions, it isn’t practical to reapply…

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101 Uses of Chrome Dome Caps: Gardening

By Chrome Dome In Action, Product Use and Care, Protecting Your Skin No Comments

It’s week 2 of our series “101 Uses of Chrome Dome Caps” and this week we are focusing on something many of us do during the warmer months: gardening. Did you know that here in southern California, the UV index can reach “high” by 10am on sunny summer days? That means that it can take as little as 15 minutes for sun damage to occur even in the morning hours. Sun Protection that Starts at the Top Chrome Dome Caps are great for gardening because the…

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101 Uses of Chrome Dome Caps – Helmet Liners for Cyclists

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When people ask us, “What is a Chrome Dome used for?” the answers are endless. The short answer is that Chrome Domes are UV protective hats that can be worn in any type of weather, for ANY purpose. We have heard of people using them for under-water hockey, cycling, skydiving, riding motorcycles, kayaking, stand-up-paddling, in the snow and much more. For this reason, we are beginning our new series “101 Uses of Chrome Dome” that will showcase how people are using our skull caps in…

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